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What is the youth program :

The Youth Programme is, in its most basic form. “the totality of what young people do in scouting (the activities),how it is done (the scout method) and the reason why it is done (the purpose)

Totality :

The Youth Program is the complete living experience proposed to a young person within the local Scout group over a period of time that enables him or her to progress towards the achievement of Scouting’s educational objectives. It covers the complete span of that young person’s experience in Scouting, starting the moment he or she joins the Movement and ending when he or she leaves.

The Youth Program is a “whole” in which each of its component parts (the “what”, the “how” and the “why”) is essential. If any of these parts is missing or not given the right emphasis, the balance of the Youth Programme is distrurbed-and it becomes ineffective. Imagine, if you like, a three-legged stool. If all three legs of the stools are of the same length and set at the same angle., the stool is stable and useful. But if any of the legs is out of balance with the others, the stool cannot be used, it no longer serves its purpose.

What :

The Youth Program encompasses everything that young people do in scouting. This includes the activities in which they take part, whether these are organised in a formal sense or take place spontaneously. It also includes routine things that form part of the day-to-day life of a scout patrol or unit, such as cooking and washing-up during a camping trip, or preparing for and tidying up after a troop meeting. Each of these activities, of whatever nature, must be seen as an opportunity to contribute to the achievement of scouting’s educational objectives. As such, they must also be made as attractive and challenging as possible to young people, and not just presented as a chore that needs to be carried out.

How :
The Youth Program is also characterized by the way in which the activities, formal and informal, “special” or routine, are organized and carried out. The Scout method-a system of self-education, comprising such elements as the promise and law, learning by doing, experience of living in a small group, adult/youth relationships, personal progression and evaluation, life in nature and a symbolic framework- is therefore a fundamental element of the Youth Program The Scout method is the way in which Scouting’s educational purpose is achieved.

Why :

The Youth Program must also reflect the principles of Scouting – duty to God, duty to others and duty to self- and be designed to achieve its purpose – the personal development of the whole person, physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and  spiritually. What Scouts do, and the way in which they do it- the first two legs of the stool- are of no real value unless the third leg- the educational purpose of the Movement- is also firmly in place, in the right relationship


Emphasis on program :

Our programme puts emphasis on patriotism, community development, environment awareness, socio cultural activities, development and expansion of personal skills and games and sports. Our programme is always attractive, challenging, interesting, adventurous, full of thrill, excitement and also educative.


                                                                          1. Cub Scout
                                                  (Both boys and girls are entitled to join)

6+ to 10


2. Scout
(Both boys and girls are entitled to join)

11+ to 16



3.  Rover Scout
(Both boys and girls are entitled to join)

17+ to 25



Effectiveness and delivery system of Youth Programs



Flag Parred

Flag Parred

To carry out there responsibility of the development and delivery of youth program effectively Bangladesh Scouts has undertaken various pragmatic steps. Bangladesh Scouts has appointed a National Commissioner to look after youth program at the National level. In order to assist the National Commissioner there are three Deputy National Commissioners who are responsible for three sections- Cub, Scout and Rover. These is a strong and efective A programme Committee at the National level as well as regional level.

The first program development workshop was held in 1993 with subsequent echo workshops at regional levels to review the existing sectional programs. Sectional program implementation situation is since being reviewed every year at the annual multipupose workshop. Programme workshops were also organized at national and regional levels in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2004 exclusivly for finding out ways and means for smooth delivery of program.

Since inception Bangladesh Scouts so far organized 8 National Rover Moots , 7 National Scout Jamborees (including

Scout on Skill Competition

Scout on Skill Competition

2A-P Jamborees), 6 Cub Comporees and 4 Srejonee (creative) camp at national level. Such activities are also being organized at Regional, District and Upazilla (sub district) levels almost every year. Youth forums and youth parliaments are also being held in conjunction with the jamboree, rally  and srejonee camp programs.

Patrol leader and rover mate training couses are being arranged at Regional and District levels and Badge Courses are also being organised at Regional & District levels. Youth members of rover and scout sections regularly take part in international moots, jamborees and youth forums.

The highest advancement badge of cub section is sapla cub award and that of scout section is President’s Scout Award and that of Rover section is President’s Rover Scout Award. Every year more than a hundred Scouts and Rovers receive the highest award from the President and Chief Scout of the country ceremonially at the President’s House. As well as Cubs receive the highest award ceremonially from the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.